3 Step To A Contemporary Bohemian Home

There is something utterly adventurous and fascinating about the bohemian lifestyle. Maybe has to do with its roots of the nomadic life, travelling endlessly to far-flung countries and colourful cities rich in culture and history. Is it any wonder that the bohemian-style has become so popular?

The boho style in interior design aimed to invoke a sense of adventure by mixing pieces together that are eclectic and a little worldly. At the same time, the look should create a laid-back feeling, a sense of complete serenity and relaxation.

Here we show how you can create this style with a hint of contemporary look in your home in 3 easy steps.

Use Strong Patterns And Eye-Catching Textiles.
There are two ways of doing this. You can start by picking a natural palette for your furniture and then add pops of colours. You can choose one tone of colour to work with and then pick rich textiles and complementary bold colours to add in the rugs, pillows and decorations. Or, on the other hand, you can go over-the-top with a coloured wall and then pair it with other multi-tonal pieces and bold patterns, in this way you will get that unique eccentric look – like if you were in a bright Mexican bazaar.

Mix And Don’t Match.
Mixing elements is crucial in getting the eclectic mix of styles that defines the boho vibe. Mix mid-century pieces with brand-new pieces. Collect objects from all over the world and pull them together – A tribal rug compliments earthy tones and green plants. Colourful Moroccan lamps add a touch of whimsy and magic to any room. Surround yourself with sentimental keepsakes, relics, knickknacks – Nothing usually feels like it was designed for the space, but rather found or chosen because of a meaning or story.

Increase Softness.
Adding plenty of cushions, rugs, and soft materials to enhance the laid-back atmosphere. Tap into the Moroccan influence of sitting on the floor – Whether it is a pouf on the floor or a low bench with cushions next to a pillow-filled couch, low-level seating is inviting and gives any living room a very relaxed vibe. Go one step further by trading in your furniture for a cosy hammock chair – nothing encourages relaxation more than swinging on a hammock!

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