5 Ways To Make Your Outdoors a Chill-out Heaven

Make the most of your outdoor spaces by creating a comfortable zone for relaxing and enjoying life with friends and family. Just follow these simple tips and you can ensure your garden, patio and terrace is somewhere to sit, unwind and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Choose five-star comfort
The ‘outdoor room’ concept is an increasingly popular trend, in a previous post “ Life Made Comfortable – Outdoor and Indoor” we uncover this hottest trend. It’s easy to see why the outdoor is becoming a focal point, especially in Ibiza where, thanks to the beautiful weather, we enjoy life outdoor for most of the year. When it comes to decorate your outdoor space, remember that It’s all about practicality but also comfort, so look for cushioned seating that offers sofa-level squishiness.

Create some shades
The sun in Ibiza can become pretty hot and we’re not all sun-worshippers. A decent patch of shade can make all the difference to your relaxation on those hot summer days when you can’t just wait for a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Plan your seating area so existing foliage offers cool respite from rays, or invest in a good-quality sun umbrella or canopy. If you’re able to plan further ahead, put in place a planting scheme that will do the same job. For more ideas visit our blog “Create Shades in Your Outdoor Areas

Delight in a dining area
What could be nicer than eating alfresco with friends or family? Investing in a quality set of outdoor chairs and table could be well worth it, especially if you’re someone who likes to entertain or you have lots of relatives. A good-sized set means everyone is comfortable and no one has to perch on old or broken chairs.

Don’t forget loungers
For a truly chill-out experience, lying down on a sun lounger or sink into a comfy daybed is hard to beat. So buying a couple of decent-quality loungers & daybed for your garden could be the best move you ever make, in terms of relaxation. Click here to find out how to pick the right sun loungers for you.

Cushion up
It’s amazing how much difference the humble cushion makes when it comes to relaxation. Invest in some bright ones for instant cheer, and keep them in an accessible location so you can find them easily. Seek out special cushions designed for outdoor use, as they are made from tougher fabrics that can withstand a little drizzle.

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