Create Shades in Your Outdoor Areas

Do a cheeky siesta, enjoy lunch under the blue sky or simply indulge in some ‘me’ time. Sounds like a perfect plan if it wasn’t that summer in Ibiza can get pretty hot and no matter how much someone loves the sun, you will always appreciate a few ways to escape the heat. So have a look at the following ideas to create practical shade solutions to make the most of your outdoor area and stay cool while having fun with families and friends.

Trees – Before going on about building patios and deck canopies, we should acknowledge that trees are the best way to create natural shades. Plan your seating area carefully so existing foliage offers cool respite from rays. Many beautiful gardens in Ibiza boast big trees like Sabina, Carob and Pine which are perfect sun protectors as with their dense foliage doesn’t let the rays shine through.

Parasols – Probably the most common outdoor cover up. The free-standing parasol! Pair it with table and chairs to enjoy your morning coffee or al fresco lunch with friends. Or pair it with sunbeds to enjoy a lazy day around the pool. Nowadays you can find several styles, you can pick a bright and colourful parasol to add a splash of colour and zest to your outdoor space, or a sleeker modern design in bright white – to maintain a look of elegance, while providing some relief from the hot summer sun.

Fabric Canopies – Like parasols, fabric canopies are easily moveable and flexible, providing the perfect easy shade, whenever you need it. They come in various shapes and sizes. The latest design on trend is sail-like shades – triangular fabrics laid on top of each other to create interesting visual and which make a unique focal point in the outdoor area.

Pergola – At the opposite side of the moveable parasol we have the built structure of a pergola, which can come in many styles and sizes and at a range of costs. Pergola’s provide a real sense of having a room outside that’s open to the sky and air and nature, while still being very much a part of the home.

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