Give your Terrace a Beach Club Look

If you fell in love with the look of the furniture, art and decoration of Ibiza iconic beach clubs, here are some key pieces and simply ideas to get the essence of “The White Isle Style” into your terrace.

1 – All-White
There is nothing more quintessentially Ibiza than decorating your outdoor area with all-white pieces. From cushion covers to parasols and everything in between. White is a brilliant option for its ability to be both starkly simple, and elegantly delicate – as well as classic but yet modern. It might just be the perfect colour to enhance the beauty of the island blue sky and turquoise sea.

2 – Natural Materials
When it comes to achieving that Mediterranean relaxed vibe – teak, wood, rattan and wicker are popular materials used in outdoor furniture. Ibiza’s iconic beach clubs pair natural furniture with minimalist modern design for an effortless chic look. You can achieve that same natural look and feel in your terrace by combining simplicity with natural materials and soft tones.

3 – Giant Buddha
Huge Buddha heads, smaller Buddha statues or even Buddha paintings can be seen all over restaurants and beach clubs in Ibiza. Probably most iconically associated with Ibiza’s bohemian relaxed vibe. You can incorporate Buddha statues as décor accessories to add a calm element to your terrace but also to bring positive energy into the house. Find out how you can transform your “ Outdoors into a Chill-out Heaven ”with these 5 simple steps.

4 – Comfortable day bed.
Combining comfort and aesthetics, modern outdoor furniture is all about pampering your senses, whether you are relaxing on your poolside deck or taking a break while enjoying the sun. Take example from Ibiza’s beach clubs that pick only the best daybeds for guests to enjoy the great summer living, the choice is yours!

5 – Contained Topiary
The great thing about contained or miniature topiary is that is so easy to look after, whether it’s a cactus or a small potted tree or bush – it’s the perfect neat little solution that Beach clubs use to bring some green at the seaside. Once trimmed and shaped it only needs little watering and touch up maintenance every now and then. It’s the perfect solution if your are looking for that low maintenance way to keep your outside space looking great.

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