Add soul to your house

Ibiza is renowned not only for being the global party capital, but also for its spiritual side.

The interior decoration of many houses here on the White Isle is often also a reflection of this spiritual lifestyle. More and more people are seeking to create a peaceful oasis within their homes, where they can rest their minds and recharge their souls.

If the prospect of coming home to your own private gateway to heaven sounds appealing, visit our store on the way to Santa Eularia where you will find Asian furniture and Oriental decorative accessories to add soul to your home and create a cosy atmosphere in which to relax with your friends and family while offsetting the stress and hassle of your daily routine.

For those who love a hint of mystic charm, don’t miss our selection of Moroccan lamps, Chinese cabinets, Buddha statues, Indian parasols and Japanese furniture. The fusion of these different Asian styles instantly evokes an image of serenity and calm within your domain.

If you are looking to create a Zen atmosphere then the Japanese style is definitely for you, with simple lines, minimalist furniture and the use of natural materials. Traditional Chinese decor is usually more expansive and lavish, usually incorporating gold with bright colours like red, purple and yellow. This style is perfect if you want to present a unique and stylish look to your house.

The Indian style is more colourful and fabrics are an essential part. Their decorative accessories usually represent Indian beliefs and traditions, so wood is the main material used in their furniture. This style is perfect if you want to add a touch of spiritualism and magic to your room.

Typical Moroccan style tends toward vibrant coluors and metallic accents like silver and gold, which add a stylish feel. Moroccan lanterns are the perfect accessories to create a romantic ambience both indoors and out. You can go for this style if you want to make a statement – experimenting with colours and creating an elegant oasis within your home.

Visit our store to experiment with some Oriental furniture and decoration to give your home an impeccable and exclusive appeal with a touch of spiritualism and peace of mind.

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