4 Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Most of us don’t live in an Instagram-worthy home or at least not yet. If you are looking for ways to sprinkle a little bit here and there your home, here are 4 ways to add character to your home and achieve those #homegoals:

1. Vibrant Colours and Patterns
If you’re working with modern, clean lines, you can create movement by adding different textures and bold colours. Place pop of colours in several areas of the room to make the room more visually appealing – choosing a vibrant colour means the eye is drawn straight to those elements, allowing the less characterful surroundings to slip into the background.

2. Unique Decorative Pieces
Add a good amount of personality to your space by picking striking pieces for your decoration, show off your style and versatility. Surrounding yourself with your favourite prints and paintings is an easy way to put your own stamp to a home. Vintage furniture is a short-cut to add immediately plenty of character to any room. You’d be surprised how a vintage chair, side table, wall shelf, lamp, or set of china will turn into a focal point and turn a room from drab to delightful.

3. Cosy Up
Beautiful homes deserve beautiful rugs — treat yourself with a soft textile that’ll keep your toes happy. There’s a rug for every taste and style, so don’t be afraid to stay away from matchy-matchy decor pieces! By keeping your colour palette similar and playfully mixing your patterns, you’ll highlight the texture in your room to make it feel cosy and chic.

4. Statement Lighting
No change will make as big of an impact as switching on an impressive lighting. Not only can an upgraded light fixture improve the actual level of light in the room, but it also creates a focal point, making the whole space feel way more beautiful and way more special. And let’s face it: our homes deserve more than an average light.

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