Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to get your home ready for it! Whether would be coloured Easter eggs, little bunnies, fresh flowers and other decorative accessories, the Easter decoration should fill the house with colour and joy.

As when we decorate the house for Christmas, the Easter decoration should reflect the style and personality of each of us. For this reason, Easter decoration leaves a lot of freedom to imagination and creativity. There are small details & accessories that can help you decorate any room, give a cheerful touch and create a vivid atmosphere in your house.

Let’s have a look at some Easter decoration ideas:


Probably the most traditional Easter decoration. Creativity has no limits when it comes to Easter egg design – painted, monogrammed or decoupaged are just some of the options available. Easter egg decorating ideas are sure to put a fun, fresh spin on your Easter festivities. You can use it to create a stunning centrepiece for your Easter dinner table or place Easter baskets filled with eggs around your house to create a playful atmosphere.


The Easter bunnies are, together with the eggs, a representative symbol of this celebration. For this reason, Easter bunnies are an essential part of Easter decoration – whether purchased or hand-made – they are indispensable to complete the set of Easter decoration. These bunnies bring a lot of fun to this very familiar celebration – whether made of wood, felt, wool or cardboard: these cute little bunnies can’t be missing in Easter decoration.


Spring is the time of the year in Ibiza when with the beautiful weather, we start to use our garden again. So when it comes to Easter decoration we should not only consider the interior of the house, but the garden should be dress also for the celebration. Whether it’s with colourful blooming flowers, adorable tiny animals or creative ways to make the Easter egg hunt more adventurous, make sure to use decoration ideas full of sparks which light up the spring season and give off the festive mood.

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