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Over the past few years we have become more environmentally conscious and this had an impact on the way furniture is designed and produced. We used to say “eco-friendly”, then the term turned into “environmental” and nowadays is “sustainable”. Whatever the term used the green movement has hit even in our home, as we can see the increased use of combine natural material such as wood, glass, metal and stone, both for furniture and decorative accessories. We should no longer sacrifice style for sustainability as there are more and more companies which are engaged in the production of furniture and decorative accessories made of natural materials and recycled materials.

Upcoming home furnishing style such as rustic decor, vintage and industrial style are the direct response to our growing demand for more “green” products.

Rustic decor is the perfect style if you want to achieve a more welcoming and cozy atmosphere, it does not require a lot of work, rustic elements are not hard to be incorporated into the house, they blend in with all kinds of decor easily.

In our store you can find outdoor chair and table made with recycled wood pallet as well as eco-friendly decoration such as picture frame or side table made from reclaimed Indian wood which will bring a wonderful appearance and create that rustic feeling. Reclaim products are durable, aesthetically appealing and meet your everyday needs.

The other trend, resulting from the increased interest in the green movement, is the industrial style which incorporates recycled industrial elements in the home. The beauty of adding industrial elements into your home is the ability to mix and match your current style with old industrial items or on the other hand, the easiest ways to achieve the industrial look, is to use furniture or decorative accessories made with industrial material. Concrete is an obvious choice. Over the past years we have seen an increase in the use of concrete in interior design. More and more designers are now using this material for application in living room and not just bathroom furniture, kitchen worktop or floor. With its ability to be moulded into any shape, concrete is ideal for making tables, benches, bookcases and chairs that express character and craftsmanship. In our shop are available Vega concrete coffee table and Atlanta concrete table, both tables are unique products that contribute to give your room a distinctive and contemporary look.

Steel is another sustainable industrial material which slowly became part of our everyday lives. This material suits both indoor and outdoor use. Products made with it bring a contemporary look to your home. The range Tribu incorporates steel elements in the design of sunbed and outdoor chair and table, combining functionality with impeccable class and a strong charisma.

Going green does not have to be boring or dull, we can help you express yourself and give to any room an unique look while supporting the environment.

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